Quartet Amabile was formed by violinists Yuna Shinohara and Chihio Kitada, violist Meguna Naka and cellist Tatsuki Sasanuma, all of whom being students at Toho Gakuen School of Music.
Quartet Amabile won third prize in the string quartet division of the 65th ARD International Music Competition Munich, which is known as being difficult to win, in September 2016. In the competition, they also won a special prize (the best interpretation of the competition piece). In 2016, the Quartet also won the Grand Prix of the entire divisions and first prize in the ensemble division at the 10th Yokohama International Music Competition, first prize in the ensemble division at the 12th Romanian International Music Competition, the Coca-Cola East Japan Prize, the Lecturers Special Prize at the 12th Music Academy in Miyazaki, and the Encouragement Prize at the 26th Risonare Chamber Music Competition. They performed with Krzysztof Jablonski in the 37th Kirishima International Music Festival, and won the Kirishima International Music Festival Prize and Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi Music Director Prize. The Quartet also performed with Ko Iwasaki at the Ensemble Fostered by JT Series. They performed in the JT's Promising Music Students Series Afternoon Concert and Indiana University Contemporary Japan Music Festival (in the US). Quartet Amabile appeared in the Toho Gakuen Chamber Music Concert by distinguished students. The Quartet participated in Project Q Chapter 10 to 13 and attended master classes by Gunter Pichler, Gevandhaus Quartet, Carmina Quartet, Shanghai Quartet, the Vienna String Quartet, Sadao Harada, and Nobuko Imai. They have studied with Tokyo String Quartet, Tsugio Tokunaga, Ryo Sasaki, Hakuro Mouri, Koichiro Harada, Ko Iwasaki, Tomoko Kato, Hiroyuki Yamaguchi, Keiko Urushihara, and Tsuyoshi Tsutsumi, and currently study with Kazuhide Isomura and Nobuko Yamazaki. Quartet Amabile received the 26th Matsuo Music Subsidy from Matsuo Academy Promotion Foundation in 2015.

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