May 6, 2021

We have been preparing for the 22nd MUSIC FESTIVAL Argerich's Meeting Point in Beppu through making arrangements for General Director Ms. Martha Argerichfs entry to Japan and thorough infection preventive measures. However, with the spread of the infection of the novel coronavirus variants in Oita Prefecture, we are obliged to inform you of the cancellation of the Music Festival to be held from May through June in 2021. The concert to be held on May 14 in Tokyo will also be canceled taking all circumstances into consideration about the safety and security of the customers, artists and the people involved.
We sincerely apologize to those who have been looking forward to our Music Festival following the cancellation last year. We would like to ask for your understanding and consideration.
We deeply appreciate and apologize to the individuals and organizations who have donated and cooperated with us and the people involved in the preparation of this year's Music Festival.

The tickets you purchased will be refunded. We will let you know how to refund them on our website later. Please keep your tickets.

Message from Martha Argerich

It is a great pity that we have to cancel this year's Music Festival.
I have been making various preparations to come to Japan.
It is not only I but also the staff and friends who have made great efforts to make the Music Festival possible.
The cancellation is a great disappointment but it cannot be helped in this uncertainsituation around the world.
I feel sorry for Mr. Mischa Maisky. He has also been preparing for coming to Japan. He must have been very surprised to hear the new just the day before his departure to Japan. I think he is disappointed too.
Performing makes musicians happier than anything else. This is true of young musicians and all other musicians who were going to perform in my Music Festival this year. The decision has such impact, so I can imagine Governor Hirose Katsusada has a great concern.

The world will not end by this.
We will see each other again after the novel coronavirus pandemic ends.
I look forward to it.
Martha Argerich
General Director, MUSIC FESTIVAL Argerich's Meeting Point in Beppu
President, Argerich Arts Foundation

Apology for the cancellation of the Music Festival

We, the operator of the Music Festival, are much surprised at the cancellation of this year's Music Festival. In particular, the staff who worked hard to make arrangements with government agencies for the entry of General Director Ms. Martha Argerich and cellist Mr. Mischa Maisky, for their flights that could be changed in any moment, and for chartered domestic flights for them, and many people cooperated for measures to prevent coronavirus infection. With their efforts, the entries of the two prominent musicians had just been prepared, and all concerned were so relieved to have completedthe procedures.

The cancellation was decided on the very day before Mr. Maisky was to depart for Japan. It was extremely shocking to hear the decision. I had been seeing the staff working so hard every day, so I could not find any words to console them.

I wondered how many people are suffering with this kind of absurd situation in the coronavirus pandemic. Saying is easy, but we should not forget that doing is much harder.

Mr. Maisky and Ms. Argerich had also made great efforts to overcome the difficulty together with us in making various preparations to come to Japan. I am grateful for their efforts and feel terribly sorry at the same time.

The cancellation also deprived young musicians of a precious opportunity to perform at a time when we really want to foster them and help their dream come true. I deeply regret this. I am filled with sorrow thinking of how they feel after practicing so hard for this opportunity.

For our dear prominent Japanese musicians, I feel sorry as they could have deliveredsplendid music that brings hope to the world now impoverished by the coronavirus. Young musicians and masters had prepared for the common cause of wanting to deliver music to the people.

And, for the audience, the important partner of musicians, we are sorry we could not hold the Music Festival which they had been looking forward to attending.

I deeply apologize to all of you.
Ito Kyoko
Vice-chairperson, Argerich Arts Foundation
General Producer, MUSIC FESTIVAL Argerich's Meeting Point in Beppu

Cancellation of the 22nd MUSIC FESTIVAL
Argerich's Meeting Point in Beppu

Many citizens of Oita Prefecture and classical music fans nationwide had been looking forward to seeing Ms. Martha Argerich, General Director of the Music Festival, and cellist Mr. Mischa Maisky in Japan. They were also looking forward to the very well-prepared concerts by young musicians who will drive music scenes in the future. We, all the staff members, had made united efforts to fully prepare for the Music Festival with the aid of many volunteers so that classical music fans around Japan could enjoy concerts with a sense of security.

However, the state of emergency has been declared in various cities in Japan and the situation of the novel coronavirus infection has become serious.

In Oita Prefecture as well, the number of people infected with the virus has been increasing more rapidly than before. In particular, in Oita and Beppu cities, the number of newly infected patients has increased to a very high level, and much stronger infection preventive measures must be taken.

I had been carefully watching the conditions to the last minute, expecting to hold the Music Festival in any way possible, but seeing the situation go beyond what we had ever experienced, we made the very tough decision to cancel the Music Festival.

I sincerely apologize for the great inconvenience caused by this decision to Ms. Martha Argerich and Mr. Mischa Maisky, who had made difficult preparations to come to Japan, to all the participating musicians who had practiced so hard to deliver good music, to the many people who were looking forward to attending the Music Festival, and to the organizations and people involved.

We have received much criticism for the lateness of our decision.

Our sincere wish is for the day to come when we overcome the coronavirus pandemic and many music fans are able to enjoy music to their heart's content with Ms. Argerich, Mr. Maisky and other musicians.

I wish for all of you stay healthy during this difficult time.
Ono Kenji
Chairperson, Board of Directors
Argerich Arts Foundation