Tokyo College of Music Symphony Orchestra has a long history and tradition and it is actively performing inside and outside Japan. Domestically, the Orchestra gives a regular concert series at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space every year and appears in concerts held in regional cities in Japan.
They have also performed in more than thirty cities around the world including those in the US, China, German Democratic Republic & Federal Republic of Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Germany, and their performances have been a great success. Among them, the concerts in Munich, Bamberg, Prague and Vienna (conducted by Prof. Junichi Hirokami) in the spring of 2009 and concerts in Teplice, Prague, Budapest, and Graz (conducted by Prof. Emer. Kenichiro Kobayashi) in March 2012 charmed the capacity audience and received ringing applause. Other well received concerts include La Folle Journée au JAPON, Yanagihara Music Festival (Adachi City, Tokyo), 100th anniversary project of the foundation of Sophia University "Prayer for Peace - Love and Hope" (Hall at Elisabeth University of Music, Hiroshima), Symphony No.9 at Toso (Toso Cultural Center), Concert commemorating the 400th anniversary of relations between Japan and Spain, the 3rd Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami Support Charity Concert (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space), Orchestra's Door III (Fuchu Arts Theater), Iyashi-no-mori Concert (Shinano Town, Nagano), and College of Music Orchestra Festival. Recently the Orchestra was also highly rated for its German Requiem Concert performed with Tokyo College of Music Chorus (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space), and the Concert in Fukui performing the same program as that for their regular concert (Harmony Hall Fukui).
In 2019, the Orchestra will perform at the Beppu Argerich Music Festival, Iyashi-no-mori Concert (Shinano Town, Nagano), regular concerts (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space), College of Music Orchestra Festival (Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall), and a special concert (Meguro Persimmon Hall).

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